Howl At The Moon

Howl at the moon, my love, while we’re in the deep throes of our rut. Your yips and yelps  only encourage me. 


Feel My Love

You are a beautiful and brave queen
from another kingdom far away
I realize this forest
often feels dangerous
and even vile
Yet for as long
as you are here
I will always protect you
ans you will always
Feel my love

The Roots of Your Heart


So he died with your poems in his hand and now your tears pour like a thunderstorm in springtime.  And yet isn’t this what life really is?  We find moments to touch each other in the most profound ways so that the other feels truly known and loved.  Your tears may flow like the river, yet every one of those drops will be absorbed into the roots of your heart and the love of his spirit will always be within you.

Sculpture by Debra Bernier