Seven – by Jacob Ilrag

Jacob is such a talented writer at eyes + words and he occasionally writes pieces that are in my genre.  I felt this piece by him really resonated and the scene of the woman at the lake was so very familiar.

Written by Jacob Ibrag Standing still upon a wet stone in the lake behind the cabin, she closed her eyes and began to count to seven. ‘Four, five, six,’ struggling to push the last number out of her lips, she turned around and was met with his worried expression. ‘What are you doing all the […]

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Winter is for the Birds

Some very beautiful photography from Dana

High Tide Dreams

dsc_3427 Hanging in there

dsc_3430 Red, White and Blue

dsc_3459 Give me shelter

dsc_3471 Mohawk Moe

dsc_3476 Lonesome Dove

dsc_3500 Powder Puff

dsc_3524 Ruffled Feathers

dsc_3558 And then he kissed me…

dsc_3575 Messy Eater

Anyone that knows me (at all) knows that I despise winter … especially extreme cold temperatures (below 40 degrees) and any type of precipitation.  Most winters I essentially hibernate, withdrawing from all social life – even online.  I am striving to change that, though. Photography is motivating me to live, even during the dismal winter months.

I hope you enjoy my captures as much as I enjoyed feeling the sting of the icy air on my skin as I watched these amazing creatures.

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The Roots of Your Heart


So he died with your poems in his hand and now your tears pour like a thunderstorm in springtime.  And yet isn’t this what life really is?  We find moments to touch each other in the most profound ways so that the other feels truly known and loved.  Your tears may flow like the river, yet every one of those drops will be absorbed into the roots of your heart and the love of his spirit will always be within you.

Sculpture by Debra Bernier

A Braver Life


Welcome to The Bison in the Woods.  I suspect that few that will find this private little place, but for those that do, I am pleased you are here.  I created it because I need one little haven in this world where I can be myself, where I can heal and grow, without any pretension, expectations or roles.

In many ways, this is my next step toward authenticity and a life, lived bravely and more fully expressed.  But I need to heal.  I need a quiet place to contemplate and I have always found that place deep in the forest.  There is a magic to having a dragonfly land on your hand or an eagle soar over your head.  When the wind blows through the trees, I hear the whispers of lovers.