My Passion is a Torrent


My passion is a torrent
Falling, roiling, turning
Constantly seeking its release
Carry me downward
Be my vessel
Soothe my fury
Deliver me
To the depths
Of you

Words and image by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017


In Crystalline Blades of Grass


In crystalline blades of grass
Near dark forest’s edge
I am alert and aware,
yet so deeply content
with your love

Words and image by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017

My Snow Queen

My snow queen
I heard your whispers
In the icy winds
Of a cold starry night
And as I ventured
In the deep snow to find you
A covey of partridges
Scattered from a thicket
A horned owl
Cocked his head
And a black raven cawed
Already knowing
Our tragedy
But as I approached
You cried
One single tear
Of red blood
Said no

Picture from DeviantArt

The Wings of Icarus

If I had the wings of Icarus,
I would fly fearlessly
over the highest mountains,
the broadest prairies
and the deepest oceans
’til every breath consumed
and even my life
nearly depleted
to be with you…

The Lamentation of Icarus, by Herbert Draper c. 1898

Take You Fiercely

Can you possibly grasp the depth of my desire?
My spirit spins in a vortex of passion and heat
Earth has vanished, time has stilled
Only ravenous hunger for your conquest remains
And as I inhale the musky scent of your need
My hands tremble at the curve of your breast
And explore the wetness of your thighs
Sweet, inviting, parted and damp
I listen to the sweet purr of your voice
And your loving eyes implore me
To take you fiercely

Painting of Jupiter and Antiope, Bartholomeus Spranger, c 1596
Photo taken in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts