My Old Boat 

So much of our lives
We take for granted
What used to be thrilling
Slowly becomes mundane
Even neglected
My old boat
Is not the fastest
And her beauty
Has been surpassed
By newer models
On the lake
But there are moments
When the water is still
And the sun casts
Its last rays
In colorful hues
Across the water
I grab the throttle
Throw it down hard
To feel that power
Her surge forward
The wet joy
Once again

Words and image by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017


The Queen and The Stag


Some say
That I am a myth
Or the spirit of ancestors

But I could hear
The whispers of your mind
From the other world

You fell into
This magical forest
And chased me through the firs

And I waited
So that I could turn to you
My dark eyes a mirror

But all you wanted
Was a path to the lantern
And passage home

You are gone
Perhaps you were the illusion
But I still hear your heart

Poetry by The Bison in the Woods

Take You Fiercely

Can you possibly grasp the depth of my desire?
My spirit spins in a vortex of passion and heat
Earth has vanished, time has stilled
Only ravenous hunger for your conquest remains
And as I inhale the musky scent of your need
My hands tremble at the curve of your breast
And explore the wetness of your thighs
Sweet, inviting, parted and damp
I listen to the sweet purr of your voice
And your loving eyes implore me
To take you fiercely

Painting of Jupiter and Antiope, Bartholomeus Spranger, c 1596
Photo taken in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts

My Muse


So deeply beautiful
Moving really
As a woman
A spirit
A passionate lover
And my muse
Wild and fierce
But partially hidden
Your perfect lines
And gorgeous eyes
Inspire the artists hand
Your verse
With such sensual honesty
Moves the poet’s soul
And you
As a woman
Stir my
Most basic
and intense desire

I wrote this originally in 2013 as a tribute to the relationship between Andrew Wyeth and his neighbor Helga Testorf.  If you do not know the story of Andrew Wyeth and Helga Testorf, you may read about it here.  Helga Testorf is still alive and will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of The Helga Paintings this August. 

Your Eyes

I see you
I can see into you
And even with your weak defense
Your eyes take me
To your beautiful depths
And one by one
I will open each little door
And enter every room
To consume your thoughts
Your dreams
And whatever else I choose
You will feign resistance
Like you always do
But I am three steps ahead
And it is much too late, my dear
For I already have you
And see it in
Your Eyes

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2013

My Heart Is Too Wild

At night I gaze upward
to a tapestry of a million stars
while the moon casts its glow on the hilltop
and filters through the trees

By day I race through the valleys
and trot through clear mountain streams
I raise my head and hear my own whinnies
echo through the canyon

And though I see your approach,
The land’s too beautiful, my heart’s untamed
and I love the wind in my mane
wild and free

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016