One Solitary Cat


One solitary cat
Wanders the wilderness alone
Surviving only by stealth
And the perseverance
Of his spirit

Words and photograph by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017



My Passion is a Torrent


My passion is a torrent
Falling, roiling, turning
Constantly seeking its release
Carry me downward
Be my vessel
Soothe my fury
Deliver me
To the depths
Of you

Words and image by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017

Will Always Be


Spirit, you are here
I have waited so many lifetimes
Transform me finally
So that our union
Will always

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017.  I did not take the picture (by Jeff Richter), but indeed I had an albino deer, just like this one, that lived near my studio for almost ten years.  I would see him and immediately felt his magic.

Myth and Magic


There is magic and beauty after the first snowfall.  Snow clings to the trees while trillions of little crystals sparkle in the morning sun. A field of thistles captures snow in perfect little spheres like a field of cotton. And at any moment a white stag or a faun may come bounding through the forest, its myth and magic enchanting only those that believe.

Photography and thoughts by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016

Deeper into the Forest


Do you think that I don’t see and feel your presence, even at a distance?  The water between us will not save you.  I knew your thoughts and desires before you even arrived.  Draw nearer to me and I will take you deeper into the forest, with nothing but the beasts of the woods, the full moon and the stars, and I will personally show you the true meaning of the solstice.

Words and photography by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016