An Unknowable Divine Plan

I believe in the transcendence and connection of all spirits to nature, the worship of the mystic, the strength of the masculine, the beauty and radiance of the feminine, each of us dancing with each other in an unknowable divine play.

Words and photography by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017


Feel My Love

You are a beautiful and brave queen
from another kingdom far away
I realize this forest
often feels dangerous
and even vile
Yet for as long
as you are here
I will always protect you
ans you will always
Feel my love

Myth and Magic


There is magic and beauty after the first snowfall.  Snow clings to the trees while trillions of little crystals sparkle in the morning sun. A field of thistles captures snow in perfect little spheres like a field of cotton. And at any moment a white stag or a faun may come bounding through the forest, its myth and magic enchanting only those that believe.

Photography and thoughts by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016

The Queen and The Stag


Some say
That I am a myth
Or the spirit of ancestors

But I could hear
The whispers of your mind
From the other world

You fell into
This magical forest
And chased me through the firs

And I waited
So that I could turn to you
My dark eyes a mirror

But all you wanted
Was a path to the lantern
And passage home

You are gone
Perhaps you were the illusion
But I still hear your heart

Poetry by The Bison in the Woods

The Wings of Icarus

If I had the wings of Icarus,
I would fly fearlessly
over the highest mountains,
the broadest prairies
and the deepest oceans
’til every breath consumed
and even my life
nearly depleted
to be with you…

The Lamentation of Icarus, by Herbert Draper c. 1898

Invitation of a Faery

As I stooped to inspect
A beautiful golden mushroom
I surprised a tiny faery
With the face of an angel
And the wings of a dragonfly
“Sir, you startled me, she cried”
Then fluttered about
And landed on my finger
“Come wih me Sir”, she implored.
“The satyrs and maenads,
The sprites and the fauns,
They all await you.”
And as I gently set her down,
I whispered gently
Yet secure in my command
“Tell them I will arrive soon,
My precious one,
I will arrive soon.”

Words and photography by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016