Winter is for the Birds

Some very beautiful photography from Dana

High Tide Dreams

dsc_3427 Hanging in there

dsc_3430 Red, White and Blue

dsc_3459 Give me shelter

dsc_3471 Mohawk Moe

dsc_3476 Lonesome Dove

dsc_3500 Powder Puff

dsc_3524 Ruffled Feathers

dsc_3558 And then he kissed me…

dsc_3575 Messy Eater

Anyone that knows me (at all) knows that I despise winter … especially extreme cold temperatures (below 40 degrees) and any type of precipitation.  Most winters I essentially hibernate, withdrawing from all social life – even online.  I am striving to change that, though. Photography is motivating me to live, even during the dismal winter months.

I hope you enjoy my captures as much as I enjoyed feeling the sting of the icy air on my skin as I watched these amazing creatures.

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