Will Always Be


Spirit, you are here
I have waited so many lifetimes
Transform me finally
So that our union
Will always

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2017.  I did not take the picture (by Jeff Richter), but indeed I had an albino deer, just like this one, that lived near my studio for almost ten years.  I would see him and immediately felt his magic.


Seven – by Jacob Ilrag

Jacob is such a talented writer at eyes + words and he occasionally writes pieces that are in my genre.  I felt this piece by him really resonated and the scene of the woman at the lake was so very familiar.

Written by Jacob Ibrag Standing still upon a wet stone in the lake behind the cabin, she closed her eyes and began to count to seven. ‘Four, five, six,’ struggling to push the last number out of her lips, she turned around and was met with his worried expression. ‘What are you doing all the […]

via Seven — eyes + words

Feel My Love

You are a beautiful and brave queen
from another kingdom far away
I realize this forest
often feels dangerous
and even vile
Yet for as long
as you are here
I will always protect you
ans you will always
Feel my love