Encounter with an Owl


I had an encounter with an owl. I looked up and was surprised to see a large barred owl sitting on a lower branch not more than 20 feet ahead of me. Its eyes were closed, so I froze, hoping not to scare it.

Suddenly, it turned its head and opened one eye to look at me. We stared at each other for about three minutes. Then, without the slightest sound, she took off, her enormous wings flying directly over me.

Photography and thoughts by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016


10 thoughts on “Encounter with an Owl

  1. What an amazing magical encounter!!!

    Here is a little info on owl wisdom…
    The owl is the symbol of the divine feminine, wisdom and intuitive knowledge. When she visits it may be a reminder to become a still and silent observer. Slow down and really see what is around you. External appearances, illusions and delusions will fade as you look with open eyes and truly examine how things are. When you look with open owl eyes the hidden motives of those around you, including your own, will be made clear. She will help you make decisions based on solid foundations.
    Owl often comes when we need to let go of some part of life that is no longer needed. Owl’s senses see through the dark and beyond fear, to the other side where light and happiness resides. as we listen to that inner voice we will be guided to recapture the knowledge of our true path in life.



  2. Oh wow! It’s so beautiful, what an experience!
    Our daughter, probably aged 10 or 11, once engaged in a 15 minute ‘conversation’ with a young owl that landed on the windowsill. She responded to its bobbing and nodding in kind, and tapped her nose on the glass whenever it tapped its beak. Then she kissed it goodnight and it flew away.
    She never did tell what it had told her!



  3. What an extrodinary and transcendent encounter. I have always felt that these great birds are spiritual sentries. They come to us at times when we need to be reminded that we are not alone and are a cherished part of the universe. Perhaps she contains the spirit of someone who has passed and is looking out for you. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. Your photograph here is gorgeous. Is the owl in the picture this particular owl? Stay warm…🌺


    1. Lola, I actually had experience a couple years ago. When Canada became unbearably cold, a large population of barred and great horned owls flew south into northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was like 20 feet away and we just stared at each other until he flew right over my head. This is the particular species, though not the actual photo as he flew away as I raised the camera.

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