My Heart Is Too Wild

At night I gaze upward
to a tapestry of a million stars
while the moon casts its glow on the hilltop
and filters through the trees

By day I race through the valleys
and trot through clear mountain streams
I raise my head and hear my own whinnies
echo through the canyon

And though I see your approach,
The land’s too beautiful, my heart’s untamed
and I love the wind in my mane
wild and free

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016


14 thoughts on “My Heart Is Too Wild

      1. Let’s run until our fires begin to burn down, until our hair is caught, and singed. Guided by your moon’s light, you’ll lead to the water’s edge. Letting the blue embers smolder, we’ll watch our shadows dance in perfect clarity of this night.

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