My Turbines Lie Idle


Silently I sit here, forgotten, neglected.
But I cannot forget and I will not forget,
for I have brought life and power
to this city for nearly a century.

Born when horses pulled carts
down the brick lain streets,
I powered the trollies and lit the lanterns
so young men could escort their dates.

I powered the great breweries
that paid wages for the families
in lower town and supplied the parties
on Grand Avenue and Crocus Hill.

I brought light to the offices
so that the insurance men,
the bankers and the lawyers
could take their profit.

And when the injured soldiers
came back from war, I lit the hospitals
while their families prayed,
or the widows wept.

But that is no longer.
My turbines lie idle
on the great floor.
My control room is vacant.

But I do remember and I still live.…

Words and image by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016


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