My Aurora

My Aurora
Goddess of the dawn
Brings the light of each day
Wings carry her across
Oceans and mountaintops
To join me in sanctuary
Bringing the sun
The joy of her spirit
Her tender kiss
And love

Picture and words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016


13 thoughts on “My Aurora

  1. Such tender and romantic words and the photo art is very beautiful. I love that you are giving this part of you voice again.


    1. I wish I could share the actual experience, but I will try to paint it for you. Imagine 500 acres of forest and meadow land on a low mountain overlooking Lake Superior on a fall day. Now imagine waking at 5 am and walking out to a deer stand with your Nikon, a telephoto lens and a mug of coffee, then just sitting and watching the deer below you and then watching dawn slowly appear until you see the sun on the horizon of a sea of blue.

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      1. I can close my eyes, inhale deeply, and almost feel the warmth of the mug in my hands, smell the crisp leaves in fall, and see the gentle ripples across the water. Sounds like my idea of Heaven. Thank-you for this smile.

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      2. Mmmm. Heavenly picture nearly complete. I hope I’m still allowed to have my cream & sugar in this heaven.


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