The Spirit of the Pines


She whispers in the trees
and is heard softly in the breeze

Connected to each living spirit,
she cries when one has passed
and celebrates the birth of another

She is nearby during the most intimate of conversations
and nurtures the caress of lovers

And though she knows pain, loss and loneliness,
love is her soul and joy her kiss

She bathes in the lake,
lit by the moonlight and the stars,
her form and feminine beauty shimmering across the water

Always there,
you can feel her touch
when you stop, listen, reflect and just be….

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016


7 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Pines

      1. It is rare that I don’t hear her song. I am drawn to the woods like no other. The destruction of our ‘former’ natural habitat is very disturbing to me. I am most at home there, by the water especially.

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