Nothing Phases Me


I have seen it all
Wolves, fire, drought and flood
Nothing phases me

This picture was taken by me in Estes Park in 2012.  I wrote the poem during terrible flooding that occurred in the area in 2013.  This weekend, as I put in the dock in at my lake home some 1,500 miles away from Fort McMurray, Alberta, the air was thick with the smoke from the Canadian fires.  I mourned for the tragedy, not only for the people affected, but for the forest itself and its wildlife.  


17 thoughts on “Nothing Phases Me

      1. hm.. now I am lost.. so you must tell me your name, I thought you were someone else.. sorry 😦


      2. Aha! 😀 Mr. M!!!! you got me totally confused. I thought it was you, then I did not, then writing seemed familiar, then it did not.. so many talented ways of expression you have.. Hugs! 😀


      1. Nature has ways of regenerating that are far beyond our comprehension. That must have done your heart good!


      2. I’ve only been to Joyce Kilmer here in NC, but their strength was palpable. It was something in the air…very special. I honestly don’t know that I could deal with that on a daily basis, since I’ve very sensitive to energies. I’d love to see the Redwoods in CA.

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      1. I know you are right, fires, destruction and death are a part of the circle… I need to just embrace that and “let it be”… I am sure that global warming has a definite effect on these events, and deforestation both from natural events and man have a great effect on global warming.

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