An Awkward Beauty

She’s an awkward beauty
China white, curvy and quite solitary
She’s not currently seeking love
For this great plumed bird
Is always a bit wary


22 thoughts on “An Awkward Beauty

      1. Wrote down the name this time so that I can find you here again. I rather like this section of your woods.


      2. Perhaps you shouldn’t even try. Some of us will never be understood by most, nor should we be.


      3. I can’t even tell you how perfect that sounds. 12? Interesting choice. We only allow others to see what we wish. Though…some of us can’t contain the rest.


      1. Well, I am glad I have now access to this side of you which has only ever been hinted at on your other blog…I could always feel it was there though…I could sense it…


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