I Will Lead You Deeper

You will find the most unexpected beauty where the meadow meets the forest.  Meet me there and I will lead you deeper, to the places of your own mind’s fantasy.

Words and image by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016


Your Eyes

I see you
I can see into you
And even with your weak defense
Your eyes take me
To your beautiful depths
And one by one
I will open each little door
And enter every room
To consume your thoughts
Your dreams
And whatever else I choose
You will feign resistance
Like you always do
But I am three steps ahead
And it is much too late, my dear
For I already have you
And see it in
Your Eyes

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2013

The Bridge Tender


For 27 years, I have tended this old railroad bridge.  Deep in the basin of the Mississippi, the sandstone cliffs tower above me.  On top of these cliffs, the city bustles.  Lawyers, doctors, bankers and insurance workers scurry to their jobs, concerned with their next promotion, their children’s success and the angst of their love lives. Continue reading

My Heart Is Too Wild

At night I gaze upward
to a tapestry of a million stars
while the moon casts its glow on the hilltop
and filters through the trees

By day I race through the valleys
and trot through clear mountain streams
I raise my head and hear my own whinnies
echo through the canyon

And though I see your approach,
The land’s too beautiful, my heart’s untamed
and I love the wind in my mane
wild and free

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016

Land Dispute With A Bald Eagle

I am in a land dispute with our resident bald eagle, though I am not complaining. I’ve written previously about the very tall white pines on my lake home property in “Lamentations of an Elder Pine”. This particular eagle seems to think of one of these pines, a 120 foot white pine, as his royal throne and so, sometimes when I am there, he will swoop down and land on a lower bough and just start screeching at me. He is an enormous bird, very regal, and he was quite vocal about me (and especially my dog) being there. I have no intention of resolving this particular land dispute with such a beautiful animal.

My Aurora

My Aurora
Goddess of the dawn
Brings the light of each day
Wings carry her across
Oceans and mountaintops
To join me in sanctuary
Bringing the sun
The joy of her spirit
Her tender kiss
And love

Picture and words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016

The Spirit of the Pines


She whispers in the trees
and is heard softly in the breeze

Connected to each living spirit,
she cries when one has passed
and celebrates the birth of another

She is nearby during the most intimate of conversations
and nurtures the caress of lovers

And though she knows pain, loss and loneliness,
love is her soul and joy her kiss

She bathes in the lake,
lit by the moonlight and the stars,
her form and feminine beauty shimmering across the water

Always there,
you can feel her touch
when you stop, listen, reflect and just be….

Words by The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016