Your Beauty Stirs Me


Your beauty stirs me
And rich color lingers
Fills my senses
And arouses my imagination
I will paint you
In the most vivid hues
The colors
Of my palette
With passion
And fierce


Mentored by Two Pines


Hiking along a moss covered trail, two large pines whispered to me.  “Stop Sir. We can hear your thoughts and before you may pass, you must look deep within yourself and offer us your truth. It is important that you not deceive yourself in your reply.  So Sir, our question is, Have you experienced the divine?” 

So I thought of the words of the great book, the prose of philosophers and poets. I thought of my time in the world’s great cathedrals and museums and replied, “Wise Spirits, I have seen little from men that gives me faith, but I have known the love of a child, I have witnessed the most beautiful sunsets. I have seen verdant valleys and vistas from the peaks of mountains and I have felt worshipful union with a woman. Only these experiences and those like them have given me faith.” 

The trees considered my answer thoughtfully and then spoke, “Sir, you are on a journey. You still have much to learn but have travelled far. You must remain true to yourself. Do not use others selfishly, but lead them wisely. Continue to become the man that we already know you are. Though you will travel far, our spirits will be with you.”

Lamentations of An Elder Pine


As a sapling, the She-Spirit welcomed me
She cried with joy at my birth
And comforted and protected
Like a goddess in the breeze

As I grew, the mighty elder pines told
of the great moose, the caribou and the swan,
Of all God’s creatures
many only a memory in their dreams

So much as changed
The great elders are gone
Logged for lumber or burned by fires
Their spirit stolen and consumed
For the pale man’s selfish desires

I have stood here many a year
For I am the greatest pine on this lake
Sharing my boughs with only the wise eagle
Who unlike the loud, ravenous pale man
Shows me the respect I deserve and require

Picture and words from The Bison in the Woods (c) 2016