The Queen and the Stag


Some say
That I am a myth
Or the spirit of ancestors

But I could hear
The whispers of your mind
From the other world

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Soar With Me

Let go of your pain, your fear and sorrow. Soar with me.

A Braver Life


Welcome to The Bison in the Woods.  I suspect that few that will find this private little place, but for those that do, I am pleased you are here.  I created it because I need one little haven in this world where I can be myself, where I can heal and grow, without any pretension, expectations or roles.

In many ways, this is my next step toward authenticity and a life, lived bravely and more fully expressed.  But I need to heal.  I need a quiet place to contemplate and I have always found that place deep in the forest.  There is a magic to having a dragonfly land on your hand or an eagle soar over your head.  When the wind blows through the trees, I hear the whispers of lovers.